2024 Personalisation Strategies with Adobe Analytics and Insightech

In 2024, online retail personalisation has become more sophisticated and integral to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are practical tips and best practice advice for online retailers

2024 Personalisation Strategies with Adobe Analytics and Insightech

In 2024, online retail personalisation has become more sophisticated and integral to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are practical tips and best practice advice for online retailers:

  1. Leverage AI for Deep Personalisation: AI has become a cornerstone in retail personalisation, enabling retailers to offer unique experiences to each shopper. Utilise AI to analyze shopper profiles, capturing both visual and non-visual preferences, to tailor product recommendations and content.
  2. Focus on 1:1 Personalisation: Move beyond traditional segmentation. Treat every shopper as their unique segment by tracking individual actions and preferences. This approach ensures that each customer interaction is personalised based on their specific interests and behaviours.
  3. Utilise Real-Time Data: Incorporate real-time data into your personalisation strategy. This allows for dynamic adjustments to the shopping experience, catering to the immediate needs and preferences of each customer.
  4. Prioritise Contextual Shopper Intelligence: Understand the context behind shopper interactions. Use computer vision and other advanced technologies to discern the intent behind each click, providing more accurate and relevant recommendations.
  5. Balance Data-Driven Algorithms with Real-Time Context: Ensure your personalisation engine is sensitive to changes in browsing and spending patterns due to life events or seasonal shifts. This balance is key to maintaining relevance and avoiding outdated or inappropriate recommendations.
  6. Create Seamless Omnichannel Experiences: Ensure that personalisation extends across all channels. A shopper’s experience should be consistent whether they are browsing on a mobile app, website, or in a physical store.
  7. Be Transparent and Respect Privacy: Always be transparent about your data collection practices and provide clear opt-out options. Respecting customer privacy is crucial in building trust and loyalty.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics offers a wealth of data, from purchase history to browsing patterns. Here's how you can leverage Adobe Analytics to help create personalised digital experiences for your shoppers:

  • AI-Powered Insights: Uses AI and machine learning (Adobe Sensei) for deep personalisation by analyzing customer preferences and predicting behaviours.
  • Individual Customer Profiles: Creates detailed profiles for 1:1 personalisation, tracking individual actions and preferences.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: Provides insights in real-time, allowing retailers to dynamically adjust strategies and content.
  • Contextual Intelligence: Understands the context behind customer interactions, discerning patterns for nuanced personalisation.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making with Contextual Awareness: Balances data-driven strategies with real-time context for relevant personalisation.
  • Omnichannel Tracking and Analysis: Ensures consistent, personalised experiences across all channels, online and in-store.
  • Transparent Data Practices and Privacy Compliance: Adheres to privacy regulations, supporting transparent data practices for customer trust.


Insightech complements Adobe Analytics by diving deeper into the 'why' behind customer actions. Here's how Insightech's features can help online retailers create personalised digital shopping experiences through powerful insights:

  • Dynamic Click Maps: Tracks user clicks to reveal preferences and interests, enabling personalised content and product placement.
  • Real-Time Data Visualisation: Offers instant analysis of customer interactions, guiding retailers to tailor the shopping experience dynamically.
  • Behaviour-Based Segmentation: Creates customer segments based on specific behaviours, allowing for targeted, personalised marketing strategies.
  • Session Replay: Identifies user experience issues and preferences by replaying customer journeys, essential for crafting personalised experiences.

👉 Check out this article to learn more about session replay.

  • Adobe Analytics Integration: Enhances data depth from Adobe Analytics, providing a richer understanding of customer behaviour for precise personalisation.
  • User Experience Optimisation: Utilises interaction data to refine website design and functionality, aligning with individual customer preferences.
  • Actionable Insights from Complex Data: Converts complex user data into clear insights, driving decisions for highly personalised shopping experiences.

Consider the success story of online fashion retailer Blue Bungalow. With Insightech they discovered that customers viewing product reviews were four times more likely to purchase. This one insight led to more focus on highlighting specific reviews they know are likely to help progress the customer purchase journey, resulting in a notable increase in conversion rates. You can read the full case study here.

Strategies for 2024 and Beyond

  1. Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping: Utilising the combined power of Adobe Analytics and Insightech, retailers can create detailed customer journey maps. This helps in identifying key touchpoints for personalisation.
  2. Predictive Personalisation: Leveraging AI and machine learning, retailers can predict future customer preferences and behaviours, allowing for proactive personalisation.
  3. Dynamic Content Customisation: With real-time data, online stores can dynamically alter content, offers, and recommendations based on individual customer interactions.
  4. Seamless Omnichannel Experience: Integrating insights across all platforms ensures a consistent and personalised customer experience, whether shopping online, on mobile, or in-store.

The integration of Adobe Analytics and Insightech marks a significant leap in online retail personalisation. As we advance into 2024, these tools are not just enhancing the shopping experience but are also driving substantial growth for retailers who embrace them. The future of online retail lies in understanding and catering to the unique preferences of each customer, and with Adobe Analytics and Insightech, this future is within reach. Please reach out to the Insightech team to learn more about how to get started today!

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