43 Adobe Analytics 2024 Integrations (by use case)

Adobe Analytics offers a suite of third-party integrations that can revolutionise how businesses interact with their customers, manage content, and optimise their marketing strategies. Let's dive into some of these game-changing tools.

43 Adobe Analytics 2024 Integrations (by use case)

Adobe Analytics offers a suite of third-party integrations that can revolutionise how businesses interact with their customers, manage content, and optimise their marketing strategies. Let's dive into some of these game-changing tools.

What are the benefits of integrating third-party tools with Adobe Analytics?

Third-party integrations are not just add-ons; they are essential components that ensure you are maximising your usage of Adobe Analytics. They help fill any capability gaps, enhance the platform’s functionality, and ensure that your business is leveraging Adobe Analytics to its full potential.

  1. Maximising Data Utilisation through Enhanced Insights: Integrating third-party tools enables the aggregation of diverse data sources, enriching the data pool available in Adobe Analytics. This comprehensive data amalgamation ensures you're not just collecting data but are also gaining a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and preferences, leading to more informed decision-making.
  2. Elevating User Experience: By integrating tools that provide insights into customer interactions across various platforms, you can tailor digital experiences to align closely with user needs. This not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty but also ensures that Adobe Analytics is being used to its full potential in understanding and enhancing user experience.
  3. Streamlining Operations for Efficiency: Integrations automate and streamline processes like data collection, analysis, content management, and CRM. This operational efficiency allows you to focus on leveraging Adobe Analytics for strategic decision-making and innovation, rather than getting bogged down in manual processes.
  4. Enhancing Marketing Strategies: With deeper insights from integrated tools, you can create more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns. This ensures that Adobe Analytics is used not just for data collection but for driving actionable, data-driven marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement and ROI.
  5. Expanding Analytical Capabilities: Third-party tools often bring specialised analytics features that Adobe Analytics might not offer natively. This includes advanced segmentation, predictive analytics, and AI-driven insights, thereby filling any capability gaps and offering a more comprehensive analytical perspective.
  6. Achieving a Unified Customer View: Cross-platform integrations enable a holistic view of the customer journey across various digital touchpoints. This ensures that Adobe Analytics is used to its full potential in providing a unified, 360-degree view of customer interactions.
  7. Improving Data Interpretation and Sharing: Advanced reporting capabilities and visualisation options from third-party tools make complex data more interpretable and shareable. This enhances the utility of Adobe Analytics by making data insights more accessible and actionable across your organisation.
  8. Ensuring Scalability and Flexibility: As your business needs evolve, third-party integrations offer the flexibility to scale and adapt. This means you can enhance your Adobe Analytics setup with new functionalities as needed, ensuring the platform remains relevant and powerful.
  9. Gaining a Competitive Edge: Leveraging the strengths of specialised tools in conjunction with Adobe Analytics gives your business a competitive advantage through more effective and efficient data-driven strategies. This ensures that you are using Adobe Analytics not just as a data repository but as a dynamic tool for strategic advantage.
  10. Maintaining Compliance and Security: Integrations that offer enhanced security features and compliance with data protection regulations are crucial. They ensure that your use of Adobe Analytics aligns with legal standards and protects sensitive data, which is increasingly important in today’s data-driven world.

Which products integrate with Adobe Analytics in 2024?

While Adobe Analytics is a great product on its own, using third-party integrations can enhance your capabilities and ensure you're maximising its potential across a range of business use cases.

Here's the full list of integrations organised by the following use cases:

  • Conversion Optimisation and Insights
  • Customer Feedback and Engagement
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Content Management (CRM) and Digital Experience
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales
Adobe Analytics integrations by use case

Use Case: Conversion Optimisation and Insights


  • Cost: Contact sales
  • What It Does: Provides full visibility over how visitors are using your website and understand why they are struggling to convert. You can read customer success stories here to determine if it's the right fit for your website optimisation needs.

Convert Experiences

  • Cost: $AUD 900 per month
  • What It Does: An A/B testing tool for website optimisation, Convert Experiences offers enterprise solutions with privacy-focused features.

Ion by Rock Content

  • Cost: $AUD 3000
  • What It Does: An interactive platform for creating data-driven experiences without developer code, enhancing engagement.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: A Customer Engagement platform focusing on mobile-first and data-driven interactions for building closer customer relationships.

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  • Identifying Limitations of the Current Platform
  • Aligning Re-platforming Goals with Business Strategy
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Use Case: Customer Feedback and Engagement

OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud

  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: Offers privacy and data governance automation to help organisations comply with regulatory requirements.


  • Cost: $AUD 150 per month
  • What It Does: An open-source forum software for engaging in discussions with customers or team members, fostering community.

Qualaroo (by ProProfs)

  • Cost: $AUD 100 per month
  • What It Does: A user and customer feedback software, Qualaroo enables website surveys for actionable insights.

Qualtrics CoreXM

  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: An online survey platform, Qualtrics CoreXM captures, analyzes, and acts on insights, with features for creating complex surveys.


  • Cost: $AUD 75 per month
  • What It Does: A social media management tool, Hootsuite launches campaigns, manages conversations, and gains real-time social media insights.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: A product intelligence platform, Amplitude understands customer behaviour, delivering better experiences and retaining customers.


  • Cost: $AUD 120 per month
  • What It Does: Vidyard is a video platform for creating, hosting, and sharing videos for sales, communications, and marketing.


  • Cost: Starting at $AUD 346
  • What It Does: A digital feedback platform, Mopinion offers customisable feedback forms and advanced reporting for websites, mobile, and email.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: A data science company, Onclusive specialises in marketing and communications, offering AI-driven insights.

Fundraise Up

  • Cost: $AUD 0.15 per transaction
  • What It Does: Enhances fundraising efforts using machine learning and design, aiming to double revenue.

Use Case: Data Management and Analytics


  • Cost: $AUD 10 per user per month
  • What It Does: Rambox enhances productivity by centralising web apps for professionals in a digital workspace organiser.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: An ETL solution, Improvado automates data pipelines for marketing departments, integrating marketing data across an organisation.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: Datameer aids in exploring, preparing, visualising, and cataloguing insights from Snowflake for data-driven business decisions.


  • Cost: $AUD 600
  • What It Does: A Cloud iPaaS solution, StarfishETL connects solutions with APIs, offering control over data projects and scalable data connections.


  • Cost: $AUD 1.14 Per Credit
  • What It Does: An ETL platform, Rivery consolidates and manages data sources in the cloud, with pre-built data models and a fully managed, no-code platform.

Style Intelligence (by InetSoft)

  • Cost: $AUD 250
  • What It Does: A business intelligence platform for analyzing, monitoring, reporting, and collaborating on business and operational data.


  • Cost: $AUD 16 per month
  • What It Does: A software intelligence platform for observability, automation, and efficiency, integrating with multi cloud dynamic environments.

Use Case: Marketing and Advertising


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: Extole turns customers into brand advocates through referral and engagement programs, ideal for retailers and brands.


  • Cost: $AUD 3,000 per month
  • What It Does: Nexoya aggregates data from various marketing tools and channels, optimising digital advertising performance.


  • Cost: $AUD 30 per month
  • What It Does: It connects all marketing data for multi-touch marketing attribution, enhancing marketing ROI across channels.


  • Cost: $AUD 30 per month
  • What It Does: Campaigner offers advanced multi-channel marketing automation, focusing on email and SMS personalisation.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: A marketing platform using AI and machine-learning algorithms for planning, activating, and measuring growth strategies.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: This platform unifies and automates all media and screens for automated media buying.


  • Cost: $AUD 250 per month
  • What It Does: A marketing intelligence suite, ROIVENUE maximises ROI through data-driven attribution and integration.


  • Cost: Free
  • What It Does: Appfigures provides hourly updates for App Store keywords, aiding in App Store Optimisation (ASO).


  • Cost: $AUD 100 per month
  • What It Does: An SEO Crawler & Log Analyzer, Oncrawl combines machine learning, technical SEO, and data science for enterprise SEO platforms.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: This SEO software analyzes performance and market share, offering tools for organic and universal SERP position analysis.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: An A/B testing and personalisation platform, SiteSpect optimises customer experiences across digital properties.

Use Case: Content Management (CRM) and Digital Experience

Adobe PDF Library SDK

  • Cost: Flexible pricing
  • What It Does: Offered by Datalogics, this SDK automates the creation, editing, and management of PDFs, providing a wide range of capabilities for content management.


  • Cost: $AUD 450 per month
  • What It Does: This SaaS solution turns printed leaflets and catalogs into interactive, shoppable flipbooks, revolutionising digital channels.


  • Cost: $AUD 50 per month
  • What It Does: Publitas assists retail and e-commerce brands in converting print flyers into interactive, shoppable catalogs, enhancing the shopping experience.


  • Cost: $AUD 150 per user
  • What It Does: It transforms documents into interactive webpages or presentations, complete with branding and analytics.


  • Cost: Starting at $AUD 37,000
  • What It Does: Ingeniux takes web content management to the next level, orchestrating the entire customer experience across various platforms.

Crafter CMS

  • Cost: $AUD 575 per month
  • What It Does: An open-source, Git-based, headless+ CMS, Crafter CMS is ideal for enterprises focusing on content management and delivery.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: Magnolia CMS delivers API-based content to various devices and screens, with robust authoring and editing interfaces.


  • Cost: $AUD 1500 per month
  • What It Does: This platform enables the creation of interactive and shoppable videos, adding a new dimension to digital content.

Use Case: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales


  • Cost: $AUD 18 per month
  • What It Does: Titan seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling the creation of forms and apps with zero coding. It's a powerhouse for CRM, offering features like document signing, surveys, and real-time Salesforce interaction.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: KickFire is a master of IP Address Intelligence, transforming IP addresses into valuable firmographic data for B2B companies, aiding in targeted marketing strategies.


  • Cost: Not specified
  • What It Does: As a leader in call analytics, Marchex provides deep insights into customer calls, enhancing understanding and optimising customer interactions.

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