10 Revolutionary AI Tools Every Digital Team Should Use in 2024

Enhance data analytics, optimise user experience, and boost conversion rates with these 10 revolutionary solutions.

10 Revolutionary AI Tools Every Digital Team Should Use in 2024

In 2024, AI tools will become indispensable for digital teams aiming to optimise their data analytics and decision-making processes.

Here's a look at some of the most innovative AI tools available:

  1. Polymer
    • Description: An intuitive BI tool for creating stunning data visualisations and comprehensive dashboards without coding.
    • Ideal for: All team sises in an organisation, from marketing to sales and operations.
    • Use Cases: Top-performing channel identification, customer trend analysis and performance tracking.
    • Cost: Free 14-day trial available; pricing details not specified.
  2. Tableau
    • Description: A data visualisation platform that allows interactive data interaction without coding.
    • Ideal for: Teams of all sises, especially those needing real-time dashboard modifications.
    • Use Cases: Database analysis, real-time reporting.
    • Cost: Pricing details not specified.
  3. MonkeyLearn
    • Description: A no-coding platform with AI data analysis features for text analysis and data visualisation.
    • Ideal for: Teams needing quick text analysis and data categorisation.
    • Use Cases: Text classification, data extraction.
    • Cost: Pricing details not specified.
  4. Microsoft Power BI
    • Description: A business intelligence platform for data sorting and visualisation.
    • Ideal for: Teams needing extensive data import options and AI-powered analysis.
    • Use Cases: Report creation, machine learning model development.
    • Cost: Pricing varies, often at a higher price point.
  5. Coefficient
    • Description: Connects ChatGPT to Google Sheets, enabling AI functionalities in spreadsheets.
    • Ideal for: Teams looking for AI integration in familiar spreadsheet environments.
    • Use Cases: Data analysis automation, real-time insights.
    • Cost: Free solution.
  6. AnswerRocket
    • Description: AI data analytics platform for business users, enabling natural language queries.
    • Ideal for: Business users without technical skills for report generation.
    • Use Cases: Automated analysis, ad hoc question answering.
    • Cost: Pricing details not specified.
  7. Bardeen.ai
    • Description: Connects SaaS and website data for automated data analysis.
    • Ideal for: Companies of all sizes for marketing and sales automation.
    • Use Cases: Website data scraping, data source synchronisation.
    • Cost: Pricing details not specified.
  8. IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Description: Integrated self-service solution for data access and dashboard creation.
    • Ideal for: Teams needing real-time insights and business intelligence.
    • Use Cases: Automated pattern detection, natural language query.
    • Cost: Pricing details not specified.
  9. Qlik (Qlik Sense)
    • Description: Combines data sources for unified analytics and visualisation.
    • Ideal for: Organisations needing a unified DataOps environment.
    • Use Cases: Data exploration, real-time analytics.
    • Cost: Qlik Sense Business at $30/month billed annually.
  10. ChatGPT
    • Description: AI large language model for generating human-like text responses.
    • Ideal for: Wide range of applications in data analytics.
    • Use Cases: Code writing for data transformation and natural language processing.
    • Cost: Basic plan free; ChatGPT Plus at $20/month.

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