Session Replay: A Window into the Digital Customer Experience

By providing a shared view of user interactions, session replays reduce misinterpretations and foster collaborative problem-solving.

Session Replay: A Window into the Digital Customer Experience

Session replays help you walk in the shoes of real visitors to your website. You can rewatch their journey and see exactly what they click on and scroll to read like a replay of your favourite TV show. If you're wondering why you would want to do that, consider these stats:

  • User friction causes approximately 71% of online shoppers to abandon a cart before purchasing (ESW).
  • 13% leave due to a website crash or error.
  • 59% of websites use distracting pop-ups or ads on the homepage, and 75% misuse image carousels, impacting user experience.

User experience on your pages is crucial for conversion rate optimisation. Session replays offer an excellent solution for visualising these moments of frustration.

Measure the revenue impact of user interactions

Every click, every scroll, every moment of hesitation—it's all captured, providing a narrative that charts and graphs often can't replicate. With Insightech you can also go one step further and measure the conversion rate and revenue impact of anything on the page.

Filter down to only watch relevant session replays for specific moments of friction source: Insightech

7 examples of digital experience friction

Here are a few things to be aware of when optimising your page templates to achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Complicated Checkout Process: Multiple pages or steps required to finalise a purchase can lead to friction and cart abandonment.
  • Unintuitive Website Design: Navigation that makes it difficult to find products or services, causing users to leave the site.
  • Mandatory Account Creation: Forcing users to register for an account before purchasing can deter potential customers.
  • Invasive Popups: Popups that cover most of the screen, interrupt the shopping experience and potentially drive users away.
  • Broken Links or Bugs: Clicking on links that lead nowhere or encountering errors that prevent users from completing tasks such as paying you for products or signing up for a new account.
  • Clunky Mobile Experience: The website isn't optimised for mobile use, resulting in difficult navigation and decreased functionality on smartphones or tablets.
  • Unclear or Confusing Page Content: Ambiguous product descriptions or unclear pricing information can confuse customers and inhibit purchasing decisions.

How session replay can provide a window into these moments of frustration

Session replay recordings offer invaluable insights into where and how digital experience friction occurs on a website. Diving into individual experiences is the only way to understand why conversion rates change.

Here is a typical website performance dashboard. You can see the conversion rate is 13.43% and it has been trending up the last few days. But why?

Dashboards like this provide a high-level overview.

With Insightech you could filter session replays and focus on sessions recording rage click behaviours (as indicated by the angry face icon).

Watch the replay to discover moments of user frustration

These individual moments also show up on the replay timeline (in this replay we can see there are two moments of frustration).

Watching these we can see what exactly is going on. You can also get information about the operating system, device type, screen size and traffic source. From here we would look at the click map data to quantify the conversion rate and revenue impact, then filter the replays list to see how many other sessions experienced the same issue. It's worth noting site issues are not always technical bugs, they could be caused by human error or the way that page was designed for a particular device. With session replay you get clear visual insights to understand these issues.

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