Better digital experiences with Adobe Target + Insightech

Better digital experiences with Adobe Target + Insightech

Adobe Target is currently one of the leading solutions for web marketers and UX designers to perform A/B testing campaigns for their websites. The reason is it is extremely effective in measuring success based on the key success metrics predetermined by the user.

When working with the build-and-learn approach, marketers and designers also want to learn more about the impact of the experience deeper and beyond the success metrics.

Why Use Click Maps When Building A Successful Website Experience?

Click maps are extremely helpful to help marketers and designers understand how users interact with the designs. The unique approach Insightech uses in its Dynamic Click Maps is to allow the user to filter the click map data based on a range of specific conditions and segments, including A/B testing experiences. It allows marketers and designers to understand not just how each experience impacts the success metrics, but also how it drives different user behaviours for iteration towards better designs.

How Adobe Target Works with Dynamic Click Maps

The Insightech/Adobe Target integration pushes the Adobe Target experience IDs into the data layer object, which is tracked by Insightech. In the Insightech UI, you can create segments based on the campaign names and experience names as the screenshot shows below.

The integration feature filters the traffic to show only the sessions that fall into the experience. Then it presents the Dynamic Click Maps in the experience design automatically with the interaction data.

By looking at the click maps of the two experiences in the example campaign below, we can clearly see the different click rates in the two designs. The video experience achieved a 13% click rate while the static image experience only got a 3% click rate.

How Do You Enable Insightech Integration with Adobe Target?

The Insightech/Adobe Target integration requires installation of the Insightech Adobe Target Plugin in your tag management system, such as Adobe Launch. It also requires Adobe Target to be running at.js 2.x or later versions. In addition, the Insightech support team will provide detailed instructions on how to implement the integration plugin based on the tag management system being used.