Why We Shouldn't Settle for Sampled Data in Session Replay Recordings

When it comes to session replay recordings, there's a growing concern about the limitations of sampled data.

Why We Shouldn't Settle for Sampled Data in Session Replay Recordings

Data drives decisions. From understanding your audience to optimising website designs, it's the critical insights derived from data that allow businesses to evolve and succeed. However, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data we use is paramount. And when it comes to session replay recordings, there's a growing concern about the limitations of sampled data.

Google Analytics Sets the Standard

Let's begin with a standard tool in the digital marketer's arsenal: Google Analytics. Out of the box, it provides insights from 100% of the users who visit your website. Businesses and professionals have come to accept this as the gold standard in web analytics, valuing the comprehensive view it offers.

100% of your data is captured by digital analytics tools

The Problem with Sampled Session Replays

Enter session replay tools. There are lots of them to look at. Popular comparison site G2 actually lists 69 tools under the session replay category. These fantastic pieces of software record how users interact with a site, offering invaluable insights into user behaviour. We actually write a beginner's guide to session replay if you're interested to learn more. Sadly many of these tools only sample a fraction of user sessions, which in turn only gives us a snapshot of the complete user experience.

For many, this limited visibility might seem acceptable. After all, who has the time to sift through 20,000 videos of users navigating your site? Especially when the primary use case is design optimisation.

But here's the thing: session replays aren't just for design. They're instrumental in diagnosing issues blocking customers from converting – be it a frustrating checkout process or a glitch in an application form. And when you're relying on sampled data for such critical insights, the limitations become glaring.

Neat fact: Insightech doesn't sample session replays. You can also use powerful search and segmentation to find relevant session replays so you get both volume and speed to insight in one package!
In this example we've filtered just to look at replays from on our own website from the past 30 days where users had least one rage click behaviour

Sampled Data and the Conversion Conundrum

With only a fraction of sessions recorded, we're missing out on potentially crucial data points. This sampling magnifies the problem of gauging the real-world impact of these blockers on conversion and revenue. If you can't see the full picture, how can you accurately prioritise which issue requires immediate attention?

Even worse, what if you're missing out on problems that weren't recorded at all? This 'data blackhole' means critical issues could be flying under the radar, continuing to frustrate users and dent potential revenue.

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Breaking Down Data Silos

The call for a centralised source of truth in data is becoming louder and more frequent among website optimisation managers and digital analytics practitioners. They envision a platform where data silos are nonexistent and reliable, comprehensive insights are the norm. Yet, how can we achieve this unified vision if the very foundation – the original data – is mistrusted?

Key takeaways

In a world driven by data, it's not enough just to have numbers and recordings; it's about having the right, comprehensive set of data. As businesses, we should demand more from our tools, especially when those tools can directly impact our understanding of user behaviour and, by extension, our bottom line. Let's move beyond settling for a slice of the pie and claim the whole pie! In doing so we can strive for a clearer, holistic view of our website user experience and understand in greater depth how it impacts conversions and revenue.

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