3 simple steps to improve CX with Insights

How do you turn the buzzwords into actionable insights and truly make a difference for your customers?

3 simple steps to improve CX with Insights

Optimising customer experience (CX), customer journey and user experience is widely recognised as the key to business success and forms the anchor point for business strategy, but how do you turn the buzzwords into actionable insights and truly make a difference for your customers?

Business websites are often designed to provide customers with one or multiple tasks, like filling out a quote form or putting a product into the shopping cart to purchase. The completion of these tasks is called “conversions”.

Barriers to conversion frustrate customers and cause them to drop off. They might go to other channels like a call centre to engage with your business, but they might also go to your competitors.

With Insightech, you can improve your customer experience on your website with just 3 simple steps:

  1. Find out who dropped off with an advanced search
  2. Identify barriers to conversion through replay
  3. Quantify the identified issues and prioritize the solutions

A common problem with session replay tools is that there is too much random footage to watch. That is a very time-consuming task and your resource is always limited.

To address this problem, Insightech comes with an advanced search feature to help you find the footage that matters and save you time in getting insights.

You can search for user behaviours such as mouse hover, clicks, interactions with form fields, etc.

For example, you can search for those customers who had input into the credit card field but did not click on the “pay now” button. Yes, you can have exclusion conditions in the searches. That’s a very powerful feature to find customers who dropped off.

Below is a screenshot of the search conditions for this example.

Not just user behaviours are searchable, you can search on DOM changes to find out how your website responded to certain behaviours too. If you have a web analytics solution installed, you can also search on dataLayer JSON objects.

Step 2: Identify barriers to conversion through replay

Once you find the customers who dropped off, you can replay the footage to understand what made them drop off. Very often the cause of drop-offs could be found outside of the design of the conversion funnel, so your funnel reports won’t be able to tell you, only the raw user experience can show you the insights.

If you see a frustrated customer clicking around on a page that goes nowhere, I trust you know the solution for that immediately. Trying to understand what happened in a replay is a lot easier than in a report.

In reality, you probably will find multiple reasons for drop-offs. Let’s go back to the example of drop-offs from the credit card field.

The cause could be a credit card processing fee. It could be validation issues. It could be something you can’t even imagine now. Replay is an effective way to find the unknowns.

Step 3: Quantify the identified issues and prioritize the solutions

When you know the reasons for drop-offs, you can develop solutions to address these issues. But the resource is always limited, which one is more important to fix first?

You can quantify the issues by extending your advanced search conditions and checking the total matched results in the result list.

For example, you can extend the credit card field drop-off search to include one more condition: an error message “Sorry, we don’t accept American Express” is injected into the DOM.

Instantly you can quantify how many customers put in their American Express credit card details and encountered the issue by utilising the Insightech user interface.

With the Insightech Enterprise plan, you can even build dashboards to quantify and monitor the issue, so when you introduce a solution you will know whether it works.

Where to start the analysis

We recommend starting your analysis from the end of the conversion funnel if you don’t know where the pain points are yet. That is really close to the conversion and it will be much easier to have quick wins, and there will be just a handful of footage to watch.

You can go through the above 3 steps without spending too much time. And then work your way up in the conversion funnel to fix other issues. If you are already using web analytics tools and have a pretty good idea of where the pain points are, you can start building search conditions and gain insights today.