How Small Optimisations Can Have a Big Impact on Your Conversion Rates

Discover how small optimisations in your retail conversion funnel can lead to significant revenue gains. Learn practical tips and request a free Insightech trial to identify quick win opportunities for your website.

How Small Optimisations Can Have a Big Impact on Your Conversion Rates

As the market gets more competitive even small drops in conversion rate can significantly impact your bottom line. At Insightech, we’ve noticed a trend: a decline in add-to-cart rates, often influenced by longer purchase cycles. However, there’s a silver lining. Incremental gains at specific points in your conversion funnel can substantially improve your overall conversion rate and revenue.

Why Focus on Add-to-Cart Conversion Rates?

In our experience, a 1% increase in add-to-cart rates can have a 5x impact on your conversion rates and revenue compared to other steps in the funnel. In some cases, this can be as high as 9x! Identifying and optimising these critical points can unlock significant and immediate growth.

Here are some quick tips to help you achieve those incremental gains:

Site Navigation:

  • Ensure your site navigation is intuitive and user-friendly. A smooth navigation experience can lead to higher add-to-cart rates.

Page Template Design:

  • Optimise your product pages with clear calls to action, high-quality images, and concise product descriptions. A well-designed page can encourage users to add items to their carts.

Landing Page Analysis:

  • Regularly analyse and optimise your landing pages. Small tweaks based on user behaviour can result in significant improvements in conversion rates.

User Entry Paths:

  • Not all users enter your website via the homepage. Optimise conversion pathways to ensure a seamless shopping experience. If you’re unsure where to focus to maximum impact on conversion rates give Insightech a try.

Payment Process:

  • Simplifying and streamlining the payment process is often a low-hanging fruit that can quickly boost your conversion rates. Ensure your checkout process is quick and hassle-free.

When customers are ready to pay you, optimising their experience can help greatly

We’ve observed optimising payment issues is still the best way to achieve a significant and immediate conversion rate uplift

Travello (a social app for travellers) faced a sudden drop in sales despite good website traffic. Using Insightech, they identified a technical error in the payment process. These types of errors were causing high cart abandonment, costing the business $25,000 daily. In just two hours, Insightech's tools like Session Replays and Funnel Analysis pinpointed the issue, allowing Travello to implement a quick fix and restore $750,000 in monthly revenue. The insights gained also helped optimise future marketing efforts and user behaviour tracking, ensuring sustained conversion rate improvements.

For more details, check the full case study here.

Where to Optimise For Maximum Impact?

The key challenge is knowing where in the funnel to focus your optimisation efforts. Each website and its audience are unique, and what works for one might not work for another. This is where a tailored approach becomes invaluable.

At Insightech, we offer a limited number of free trials each month to help digital optimisation teams find these quick-win opportunities. The trial process has been tailored to help you identify the specific points in your funnel that can be optimised for maximum impact. Best of all, this trial is completely free and carries no obligation to buy so you can leverage these insights to grow your conversion rates and revenue as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of this opportunity to unlock the potential of your website. Request your free Insightech trial today and start seeing the benefits of optimised conversion rates.